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Is there wireless Internet access on the island of Montréal?

What official documents do I need to visit Montréal?

What languages are spoken in Montréal?

Who do I contact in case of emergency?

How can I contact the consulates?

What are the applicable taxes in Québec and on what goods do I pay them?

What is the official currency of Canada?

What is the rule for tipping?

Are Montréal establishments accessible for people with disabilities?

Where can I find tourist information?

Where can I get the Official Tourist Guide?

What documents are needed to drive a car in Québec?

What road sign system is used in Québec?

Where can I park in the city?

Can I bike around Montréal?

How does Passeport MTL work?

What is the temperature in Montréal?

What are the legal holidays?

What is the time zone?

What is the system of weights and measures and what type of electrical current is used?

Where can I find a post office?

What is the cost of a pay-phone call?

Where can I buy alcohol?

What are the opening hours of shops?

Is smoking allowed in public places?

Where can I file a complaint about the tourism services provided?